„Still crazy after all these years” (Paul Simon)

I met my old lover
On the street last night,
She seemed so glad to see me
I just smiled,
And we talked about some old times,
And we drank ourselves some beers
Still crazy after all these years
Still crazy after all these years.

I’m not the kind of man
Who tends to socialize
I seem to lean on
Old familiar ways.
And I ain’t no fool for love songs
That whisper in my ears
Still crazy after all these years
Still crazy after all these years.

Four in the morning
Crapped out
Longing my life away
I’ll never worry
Why should I?
It’s all gonna fade

Now I sit by my window
And I watch the cars
I fear I’ll do some damage
One fine day,
But I would not be convicted
By a jury of my peers
Still Crazy
Still Crazy
Still Crazy after all these years.


2 comentarii (+add yours?)

  1. cbb2009
    oct. 22, 2009 @ 10:05:49

    I vazut ca prima strofa e motto-ul cartii lui Caratrescu „de ce iubim femeile”?


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